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On this page we will describe the Agriculture/food of the incas. The information and resources on this page are researched by Layla.


     Hi! My name is Layla and I'm here to talk about what the Incas ate and what crops they grew. It starts in the paragraph below.
     Did you know that the Incas were able to grow enough food to feed 15 million people. The Incas grew 12 root crops, 3 grains, 3 legumes and more than 12 fruits (WOW!) The Incas had great farmers. Did you know that the Incas were the first to ever grow potatoes. Some crops that the Incas grew were beans, squash, peppers, cotton, peanuts, tomatoes, berries, papaya, passion fruits, walnuts, cherries, onions, and many more.
     Incas ate fish, guinea pigs, and meat from other animals. Maize is one of the main Inca crops. Most Incas ate two meals a day. For breakfast, Incas ate cereal or soup. For dinner, they also had soup made of onions, potatoes, squash, and any grains or vegetables left. The Incas rarely ate meat, but they mostly ate vegetables.
     If a guinea pig or llama were eaten on a special occasion, the leftovers were dried and then eaten on other days."Charqui" is the word for dried meat, it was eaten in Inca times and it is still eaten today in Peru.



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