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Heres some info on Inca jobs!

Inca Jobs
     Hi I`m Shannon and im here to talk about inca jobs(no kidding).I`m doing this project with 4 of my classmates,Me,Jessica,Shanaya,Layla.This is my page as you can see,and I hope you like it!!
     Hmmmm...... Ever wonder what incas did for jobs?Well maybe not.They had a family of kids to feed and talke care.But im here to tell you what jobs they did.
     Men AND women would work in the fields. Women would weave clothes for the family.They would also take care of the children when the fathers,well men,were out.They would also cook food for the family. Women would teach thier daughters about how to be a mother and how to take care of a family.They worked pretty hard!!!!
     Men worked hard too.Thye would plow in the fields.Men would make houses,bridges,buildings, etc.They would aslo make slippers out of grass or out of llama hide.They would hunt for food for the family.Usually they would hunt llama and small animals.Thats what they did for jobs.
     Some poor people would be slaves for the emperor or be sacrifices for the gods.
    The children would work at a younge age,I'm not excually sure what time but around 5 to 9 they would start working.Also girls would be taught by thier mothers and boys would be taught by thier fathers.
Yes!! MUAHAHA now i have made you read my page!!!!Well thats the jobs the incas did.Thank you for reading my page!

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