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The Emperor
Inca gallary
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Heres the page where we show and tell you about the Inca structures

     Hi! My name is Layla and I'm gonna talk about trhe structures that the Incas built. It starts below.
     The Incas were good builders.The forts and palaces they built still stand today.The materials they used were stuff like wood, stone, and mud brick. The Incasused models of clay or stone to make their plans. Most buildings were made of stone, brick was also used.The huge building blocks that were used by the Incas can still be seen today.
     Cuzco was the centre of the empire and a beautiful city. The city has lots of
huge bocks.To cut and shape the blocks, the Incas used "stone hammers".The blocks were so heavy that they could weigh up to 200 tonnes. Cuzco has survived several earthquakes, but the beautiful city is still here. The important buildings and temples were built around a centre square.
     Most buildings were one story, but there are a few that were two or three stories.Very few buildings had roofs. The roofs were made of stone. Did you know that a new palace was built for each emperor? Well, you know now!

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