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The Emperor
Inca gallary
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The Emperor

Here, we talk about how EVIL... I mean K00L the Inca emperor is, yeah.. cool.


     For the Anceint civilization project, im doing the Inca's (of course). And the catagorie im going to tell you about is the Inca government. First things first, they have an emperor
     The Incas have an organization based in Cuzco. The emperor was called "The Inca." He ruled everything. When the emperor takes the throne he would have to mary his oldest sister.
     Allthough the emperor will have many wives, his first wife and sister's son would be the next ruler of the Incas. Once he takes the throne he would be known by some people as the son of the sun.
     Emperors tried many times to claim other parts of Peru. The emperor won over parts of Peru by sending Inca warriors to deliver gift baskets. One time the Incas had failed his plan so they declared war. Suprisingly they won the war! 'Their plan was to give the enemy treats and treat them with kindness. They took over the land thus making the emperor strong. His plan was to rule the future world. Luckily, his plan has failed or else we wouldn't be here right now.

Here's the list of some emperors of the Incas


  1. Manco Capac
  2. Sinechi Roca
  3. Lloque Yupanwui
  4. Maita Capac
  5. Capac Yupanqui
  6. Inca Roca
  7. Yahvar Huacac
  8. Inca Virdcocha
  9. Pachacuti-Inca-Yupanqui
  10. Topa Inca Yupanqui
  11. Hauyna Capac
  12. Hauscar
  13. Atah

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