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Hi my name Shanaya and do you ever wonder...I have a religon but what about Romans, Eygptians or even INCAS??? Well now you can find out about the Incas religon.
Inca religon was mostly based on nature gods.WHAT!!!You don't think incas had gods? Of course they did! The main god was a boy called Inti, who was the sun god.Inti was a good god who gave life to the people and animals.Inti was married to his sister the Moon Goddes Mama Quilla.Temples were built to her over the empire.The walls of her shrine were covered in silver.
  A weird thing is that Incas  belive stars are like heavenly gaurdians. And that every animal has it's own star or constillation.
Incas worshiped these holy strange things called Huacas. An example of a huaca was a mountain or tree that were shaped in a very unusaual shape. Huacas were thought to have special powers. Imagine a tree having special powers!!!!!!Offering were made to Huacas such as food, water, clothing e.t.c. Some times on rare ocations sacrafices were made.
Respect for ancestors were also important.
Sorry thats all I got to say for Incas religon. There is more intresting stuff on the website such as Food, art, jobs e.t.c,

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